Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Yebisu Temple

I came across this temple while walking around in Kyoto, I don't know its real name or what it is dedicated to, but there were many beer cans scattered here and there. Not the trash kind of beer cans. It is quite common in Japan to find offerings of beer or sake on ancestors' tombstones, but this seemed a bit different. All Yebisu beer? By the candle stands?

This is not a nazi sign, by the way, it is the symbol for "temple". The Swastika has been around for centuries and was used in many civilizations before the one that we sadly know best.


  1. The incense with the bus in the background is lovely. And the 4th photo, what are the Tags on the left? I love that stuff!!

  2. Thank you Viz! The tags are names of pilgrims who visited the temple/shrine. Most of them are very old (the tags, not the pilgrims). I found an article about that, someone asked the same question. Well, she actually asked "what the heck is up with these stickers?". Made me laugh.
    Click here.

  3. Thanks, that's a really informative link. Bummer about people using sticky stickers now. I have a challenge for ya! To photograph someone sticking up their tag with a 7 foot pole!!