Thursday, 23 October 2014

That bone soup ramen

How can one ever NOT enter a ramen shop with giant chained bones hanging from the roof??

Of course Viz and I HAD to try that!

The chef starts his soup at 5am every day, and when the soup "fails" he won't open the shop that day. Or so he says. The soup is made with three different kinds of bones, beef, pork, and I forgot which was the third one. A lot of leek in there as well.

It's a tiny place with just enough space for a small counter (five seats). On the wall, pictures of him taken during a CNN show he featured in with Martha Stuart and….

… Kenny G :-))

Delicious! (much better than what it looks like on the picture)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Alphabet According to VizMarie [A Unique Book Published by The Waitpinga-Wakoshi Drawing School Of Art]

Viz and I made this boekie for our other Art Slut friend, and this was probably the best evening we had (if we exclude cutting out precious Victoria's Secret's, eheemmm). We laughed a lot, and I'm still laughing when I look at all the drawings. There was clearly a master and a student! :-)) For this challenge we took one random word for each letter of the alphabet, and drew it in exactly 10 seconds. I can tell you it is unbelievably difficult to draw anything in 10 seconds, but the fun was just ever lasting. So here are a few excerpts from this masterpiece:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Carina Carino

Stars shine bright in Harajuku. Vizma has her fancy clothes shop, and Carina has a …. ermmm… French wine bar?

I'm not sure who's Carino,
I know Carina though.
She don't eat baguette,
Happy Birthday Carette!

Tree Poem #9

Sunday, 12 October 2014

An old box

It's not a secret for anyone anymore that I LOVE old boxes. When I saw that one at Kinseitou (The Lantern on Venus) I could hardly contain my excitement. Gorgeous all over, and 500¥ only! (5$). Straight into the Suitcase!

(don't ask me what Woody Harrelson is doing there)

Kinseitou is better known to us as "space cat shop", because this is where Viz and I found that very unique space cat character and we immediately liked him.

Check out their online store!