Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Alphabet According to VizMarie [A Unique Book Published by The Waitpinga-Wakoshi Drawing School Of Art]

Viz and I made this boekie for our other Art Slut friend, and this was probably the best evening we had (if we exclude cutting out precious Victoria's Secret's, eheemmm). We laughed a lot, and I'm still laughing when I look at all the drawings. There was clearly a master and a student! :-)) For this challenge we took one random word for each letter of the alphabet, and drew it in exactly 10 seconds. I can tell you it is unbelievably difficult to draw anything in 10 seconds, but the fun was just ever lasting. So here are a few excerpts from this masterpiece:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Carina Carino

Stars shine bright in Harajuku. Vizma has her fancy clothes shop, and Carina has a …. ermmm… French wine bar?

I'm not sure who's Carino,
I know Carina though.
She don't eat baguette,
Happy Birthday Carette!

Tree Poem #9

Sunday, 12 October 2014

An old box

It's not a secret for anyone anymore that I LOVE old boxes. When I saw that one at Kinseitou (The Lantern on Venus) I could hardly contain my excitement. Gorgeous all over, and 500¥ only! (5$). Straight into the Suitcase!

(don't ask me what Woody Harrelson is doing there)

Kinseitou is better known to us as "space cat shop", because this is where Viz and I found that very unique space cat character and we immediately liked him.

Check out their online store!