Monday, 19 August 2013

Ruined in Booktown (again)

Well, fortunately I am not exactly ruined, because what I bought it so cheap I wanted to ask the person behind the counter if I could take the whole box. I would have done so if I had any space left for another box at home. I don't know why I am so addicted to those laminated comics pages. I need them all!! Help...


  1. Midnight Rambler is beautiful, as is the cat band!! Keep buying, don't worry, you just have to learn to walk through your house sideways like a crab. That way you can fit more boxes in every room.

  2. AT 0.23 euros, are you joking, I would buy them all! Page 92 is great, but I still like the Rocket Train the best. It's a boy thing I guess.

  3. Thank you people. It was hard to leave all the other laminates behind. But then maybe there will be some left if one of you ever pays a visit to booktown, who knows. Or maybe I should just go back there NOW and take them all.... :-)) Nah, I'm nice, I'll wait.