Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Guestbook

The theme for this boekie was the tree. Every guest was given one page with the drawing of a tree and some space to write a short message. Fingerprints were taken so that everyone was legally filed. No, just kidding, fingerprints represented the leafs.

Polaroids are a very spontaneous and informal kind of media, people seem to be more relaxed than in front of a "real" camera, just being themselves. It also allows for some unique moments to be captured that can't be erased from a hard disk. Like that guy running behind Nastia's mum :-))

Thinking of my auntie who was very ill and couldn't be with us. She passed away a few days ago, so this is for her.


  1. Great idea of course from the master. Polaroids! Where can you find Polaroids? Val should see this.
    Bravo encore

  2. Gorgeous little keepsake for the wedding couple. Polaroids, sooo much fun!!

  3. Thank you! Polaroids are quite addictive and it's so simple, just click! The camera is Instax Mini (strawberries included).