Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What is it?

What are those thingies on the ceiling?
Hint: It is the kitchen ceiling, and they are not worms.


  1. A spaghetti fresco asemic thing... Vizma has some explanation to do :)))

  2. It is spaghetti that was cooked with a pressure cooker, and then opened before the pressure in the cooker went down. I have the same at my place.

    Wa La my cocotte !

  3. haha, spaghetti asemics! That was a very fun evening's entertainment, throwing individual strands of pasta into the air, woopee!!

  4. Oh you are GOOD!! Those are indeed spaghetti. And asemic :-)) not straight from the pressure cooker, but thrown to the ceiling to check if they are cooked ready. If they stick and don't fall, they are done. Those were done, apparently. And a bonus for you: they have been there for fifteen years!!!
    Someone would say 'is this place for real'?
    Thank you for playing the game!