Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Stop moaning and draw

After a luscious dinner with lamb chops on the barbie and a few glasses of wine, we all felt the urge to... draw.

Henny and Eeedie are both very talented artists, and I'm the usual grumpy no-can-do when I feel that someone is better than me :-)) This inspired the motto of the Waitpinga School of Art: Stop moaning and draw.

And because drawing alone was not challenging enough for the genki girls, the next exercise was to draw your neighbour while watching your own hand in a mirror, without having a peek at the page.

That might sound easy but it was in fact rather challenging. Eeedie did great of course, with her portrait of the Sweat Sister.

And I think this one was vice versa? It does look like Eeedie. After a while they got bored with those rules too (too easy) and we all had to do the same with the hand we are not normally using. I'm telling you, this school is one of the toughest in the whole state of South Australia. 

This all ended up with a "confused Marie" :-)) Really great fun..


  1. Isn't life great without a TV. Still laughing over the shower. I just have to do one of those for my self.