Saturday, 13 April 2013



  1. Now that's a very fine and full Penguin environment, Marie.

    Puts me in mind of of the fifth and sixth shots from bottom, here...

    (Bottom of the world, that is.)

    And of this poor lost Emperor, who should have stayed home... and of all that lost Emperor's friends down there, left behind...

    Trying hard meanwhile to make out what's reflected on the lens of the second-from-left pair of glasses on the table (secret clue)... looks like maybe a poem there, underneath the cuboid PooPen... and possibly (far left) a ticket to the Penguin Soirée at the South Pole?

    (Everyone's waiting to be rescued by the Empress.)

  2. Thank you, Tom. Oh yes, the Australian wildlife blog... you had posted it as I just came back from my stay at the Bruns farm, I remember very well. It made me want to catch the first airplane to fly back there. Australia and penguins, who would have thought... Is the reflection on the lens of the second-from-left pair of glasses on the table the same as the reflection on the lens of the pair of glasses hanging at the top? Rien n'est moins sûr. What are my glasses reflecting today? Let's see....
    A much obliged Empress (maybe she should work on a Poo Pen Poem)

  3. It's actually Penguin Pooper, (expelling chocolate poo pellets) but I like the idea that it's a cuboid Poo Pen! It's getting a little bit too sunny there, perhaps the little Emperor would be better off in the shower...I wonder if he'd fit in the butter compartment?

  4. Oh, that lovely shower would be just the place! Each rack of fragrant and cleansing objects a deluxe suite.

    An Imperial Ambassador ought to be permitted to travel in that sort of fine style.

    Actually I've worried about the poor dear thing -- of course we don't know, but the heart can't help hoping there was a proper southern homecoming, at the end of that extremely demanding voyage.

    (BTW as our shower fixture here in this derelict Empire is broken, that South Australia shower looks an enviable destination... a lens for idle reflection!)

  5. I always thought that penguins belong to fridges. I was right. And fridges belong to showers. And Poo Pens to the butter compartment.
    How was it again?.....

  6. You needn't have worried TC, he arrived here from China via Adelaide to a rousing rendition of "Daudz baltu dieninu", the Latvian birthday song, and was given pride of place (next to the wine glasses) in the kitchen, that is until he made too many poos on the shelf and was transferred to the window.

    Maybe the best habitat for him would be on the Toilet Turf??