Wednesday, 24 April 2013



  1. A Box of Redheads containing ten boxes of Redheads to go in Marie's Suitcase

    Container inside container... the vertigo of mise en abîme!

    Thinking of the form of visual recursion demonstrated by the nurse on the Droste cocoa tin (La serveuse de chocolat aka La belle chocolatière), who holds a set of objects which contain smaller and smaller images of herself holding... (and so on)... we can't quite tell from the few wisps showing under the headgear whether she might be a redhead or not...?

    (And too of the verbal-recursion "plays" of Duchamp.)

  2. Thank you for the morning videos and links, Tom! Is there anything you do not find on youtube? I sat through the entire 'review' just to see where she was going. Well worth it. I like the parts where she says 'I think my knife needs to be sharpened', or 'they're just regular matches', 'see, they are quite nice' :-))
    Don't you love those old posters? That nurse looks like she is a redhead, absolutely!

  3. Now I just HAVE to post Our National Redhead. Wearing herself within herself. Just like that nurse.

  4. Oh the poor thing -- recursive redhead wearing herself within herself, about to be divided up into twelve portions of heself... and each of those perhaps into twelve more?

    In truth I don't know that I'd be laughing, were I her. She must have great patience and an extremely generous sense of humour.

    Those video "reviews" of people opening the boxes containing products they have just obtained always have that curious moment at the beginning, the wrestling match with the box... within the box with a screen on which we are seeing them open the box in which.... & c.

  5. Oh she doesn't know about the twelve portion plot, Tom. They want to keep her smiling at all times. That's why she cannot see her own earrings.

    The thought of someone making a video to review matches on youtube in all seriousness does crack me a laughter. I guess it's also difficult to find a way to end the review without saying OK, that's that. Except if you are that wickedly smart frog, of course. That might be my favourite video so far. What a laugh!

  6. Marie, when such cruel thoughts as "how pathetic!" or "get a life!" course through the mind, upon seeing some particularly abject and inconsequential home-made YouTube video, the next thought is usually: "Well, just look in your mirror and think how silly your blog posts probably appear to somebody somewhere..."

    And so one wobbles on through the insommniac hours, flopping across the embarrassment threshold once more, toward that feebly-beckoning cold light of morning.

    On which note, my dear Marie, you may (?) be interested to hear that the match you have struck in this lovely post has now produced a small secondary conflagration...

  7. Flopping across the embarrassment threshold, how well said! :-) We certainly don't lack in pathos in our virtual world, but the ability to look in the mirror and laugh at ourselves makes it acceptable. I think.... Or maybe I am only looking for excuses. Oh, I have just seen your red Apollinaire blog, Tom, what a fantastic conflagration. Going back there...

  8. And thank you, Marie, for bringing that poetic splash of Rouge to my (private) Redhead party...

    (It all happened as an homage to Esteemed You!)

  9. I feel very much at home on Beyond the Pale, Tom. The daily crumbs are wonderfully tasty over there, it is food for the soul. i feel honored (I can't exactly express that feeling) to be invited and welcome to the party every day. I can only say thank you....

  10. No, Marie, I really ought to be the one doing the thanking here.

    (This is beginning to sound a bit like Alfonse and Gaston. "You first, my dear Alfonse." "After you, my dear Gaston...")

  11. Let me be Gaston then, I'll be very happy to be Gaston.
    A lot to read about elasticity when I get my computer back. This is amazing, Tom!