Friday, 12 April 2013


Art by Henny.
I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, they don't do justice to the gorgeous art. This room is very dark but I never like to use the flash. 

Art by Eeedie.


  1. I'm just catching on now. So Vizma lives with real artist?

  2. Hahahaaaa.... I hope Vizma comes back from town soon so that she can reply those comments :-))

  3. real artist!!?? ha ha ha!!Does Dean think I live with both Henny and Eeedie?!
    Yeah, I'm back from town and have moved ALL of my hoard out of the city apartment!! It took a whole week!! Now I can't access my emails for some reason, so am writing to you here because I can't wait to tell you the good news!! YAY! I won!! I beat the government!! I'm rich!! I can buy stamps again...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. I knew you would like that comment :-)))
    Yaaay! That's great news, Sweat! Well done! If it wasn't breakfast I would have a glass of bubbly to celebrate! Omedetooo!

  5. Otskare!!!
    I'd join you in a champagne, but as I'm never drinking again (again)I won't!!

    Just tried to access my emails and I've been locked out again...haven't seen my emails for over a week now, so don't feel neglected that I haven't written to you please! Bloody Yahoo. I feel like throwing this laptop through the window and then stomping on it.

  6. It's a huuuuuuuge case of Otsukare, yes!!
    But what's that nonsense about never drinking again?:-o Wot? That cannot be true. Is Eeeedie on strike about squeezing grapefruit? Can I do something? :-)
    I gave up with yahoo about two weeks ago because it drove me crazy. Always stuck, and not sending my emails. Grrrrr.. So I transferred my account to gmail. Mails are still coming in to my yahoo account but I'm doing everything through gmail. Maybe you can try that?
    XXXXXX huggies

  7. So much for never drinking again, I'm ill today from last night's excesses! We had birthday drinks for Moira, (her b'd was 2 weeks ago!)I bought 3 bottles of sparkling shiraz for her and we drank them all, and then champagne and then we were in my studio looking at mail art from CT Chew! Crazy night, finished at 3am.
    I do have a gmail account, but it won't tell me about new blog posts or where people have commented on the blogs, what a pain... I have to click onto all the latest blogs to check the comments, so I've probably missed stacks of comments! Aaaaargh! Going crazy here!!

  8. Hahaha that didn't last very long. But sounds like a great evening. It's a bit messy with the comments, yes. Especially without mail!!! That's incredible, yahoo!!! I'm so glad I transferred mine. I hope you will find a solution soon. Aaargh......