Thursday, 27 November 2014

The DC catch

The Suitcase was on the heavy side again, but before you say anything, most of those are presents! (for other people, I mean) :-))
World Market is a sort of chocolate wonderland to me, very hard to resist anything in there.

I found that Tokyo Metro duct tape at Smith NRT (Delfonics) before even leaving Narita :-)) I mean, what could I do, just leave it there?
We Can Do It pens, We The People notebook, sealing wax and masking tape are from the museum shop at the National Archives.
I've tried the sealing wax and it's a bit tricky to use, I think it needs practice, but I'll get there.

Vintage office stationery supplies are from The Postal Museum (most of it seems to come from San Francisco so it's not really a DC special).
The Book Post rubber stamp is from Analog (Hi Melissa!), I was very happy to find that one.
Eye shadow and lipstick from Sephora (there is no Sephora in Japan. Well, maybe better this way).

A few cheap and beautiful second hand clothes from Crossroads Trading (a great shop in the very interesting U Street Corridor) and Analog.

Free postcards from The Postal Museum (they had a lot of free merchandise) and tickets for The Wizards, but I'll keep that story for another day.

I found that book at the Hirshhorn museum, almost ignored it, almost put it back on the shelf but decided to give it a go. I don't regret it, she's a genius and such a talented poet. A highly recommended read!

Well, that's it for now. Somehow I'm still jet lagged, waking up at 4am so I'll go have my second breakfast now. Happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating...


  1. What a fabulous haul! How did you get all that by the weight limit on suitcases? You are going to have some very lucky friends if you are giving most of those fab things away.....

  2. PS -- Cavallini and Ghirardelli are from SF and I think BlueQ is local to CA too -- you should come here!!!

  3. Thanks Pamela! Luckily there was a second suitcase :-))
    I love Cavallini and I love Ghirardelli chockies even more! My recent favourite is the caramel pumpkin spice square. So delish…
    I miss SF :-(((

    1. Come back and visit.......I can take you to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory!

  4. Oooh, what scrumptious things!! Chockies and stationery, the perfect combo!

  5. Damn… I really want to go!!! Chocolate and wine and stationery. WHAT more could one ever wish for?