Sunday, 23 November 2014


Are you ready for more faces through holes?

Vizma loved sumo so much she decided she had to marry a sumo wrestler, so off we went on the search for the soulmate.

She was briefly engaged with this handsome chap but after he told her that he was Vegemite intolerant the wedding was called off.

This one seemed like a good match but he doesn't drink. That's a deal breaker.

Aaaaaaah, sumo bum…..

This was the view from our seats (it looks worse than it actually was, one can see fairly well from anywhere in the venue). It was still half empty mid-afternoon when the lower division (Jūryō) wrestlers were on. It then gradually fills up until the climax around 6pm when the best wrestlers from the top division (Makuuchi - "inside the curtain") are competing.

If (like Vizma) you want to see a close up you can sit right outside the venue and watch the matches as they are braodcasted on TV. There is a sumo tournament every two months for two weeks in various cities of Japan, twice a year in Tokyo (autumn and spring), great timing for us! 

It's very easy to come and go during matches and to walk around, buying drinks and food and souvenirs of course.

And what happened to the husband search, I hear you say? Well, we did find one! Yes we did. Vizma never remembers who he is and what he looks like when she watches the tournament on TV, but the proof is in the picture. There is a wedding picture with both of them lovebirds but since I took it with Viz's phone I'm not currently in possession of it. Viz, if you still have your wedding picture please send it to me so that the folks can see it.

Meanwhile, you'll just have to trust me and believe that this is him. The chosen one. He likes pink, and ice cream. Perfect.

* Ahaaaaaa…. an email just came in with THE wedding picture of the century (thank you Swët):

They both look so happy!! (I just noticed the couple was photobombed. Even more hilarious now. I can't stop looking at them!)

This was a very entertaining day out, we'll go again!