Friday, 21 November 2014

Happy 300th blog post!

Marie's Suitcase is 300 bog posts old and I'm back from freezing DC with a new postage stamp designed at the Postal Museum, where I was able to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes: sticking my face through holes.
Museums are free in DC and really, really good. Enjoyed that immensely. Loved loved loved being back in the US for a bit!

This was the original design, I just noticed one can see my fingers holding the frame :-)) So unprofessional.


  1. So that's the face of immense enjoyment? At least now I know.
    Looked fun.

  2. I see nobody understands my method acting :-((

  3. ha, very nice! French book artist most known for sticking her head through holes around the world :)

  4. Carina! :-)) At last someone who understands!

  5. I love this -- we didn't get to do that when I was at the Postal Museum.

  6. It was fun, Pamela, they had different types of frames you could chose from. That museum was one of the most interactive ones I thought. But all their museums were great. Thank you for recommending it to me!