Thursday, 17 July 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion Thursday (2) - New items on The Bookworm's Lunch Etsy shop

A set of 5 unique hand-drawn postcards [Fleurs des Champs] now available, you can find them here.

* I am looking at them now and… hmmm… before someone points it out, those little black thingies are not meant to be spermy people floating around. They're just lines. With little heads :-))

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  1. Marie ... every little black thingie is SACRED!

  2. Yes they are. Even though they are NOT little spermy guys!

  3. Hey Richard Heck. I thought about you yesterday because I was walking around in the neighbourhood where the Japanese punk movement (yes there is such a thing) was born. It's funny because that area looks anything but punk now.