Sunday, 13 July 2014

Jujo (Tokyo)

Jujo Christ Church ("Cathedral")

Ripped poster for onnagata show (male actors impersonating women in kabuki theatre)

Poster board

Maybe a so called maid café but I'm not entirely sure. A maid-something at least...


  1. Very nice, Marie. I'd like to visit and talk a walk with our cameras and eat some sushi.

  2. That sounds like a perfect program, Pamela. I love cameras, I love sushi. I'm sure we would enjoy that very much.

  3. Have you no ambition? Aren't FRENCH maidsthe gold standard of domestic help? Put in your application and earn big money in your spare time!

  4. Well, you know, in my own ways I am a french maid kinda looking for uranium, come to think of it. So I know what you're talking about. I agree, the gold standard it is, nothing less.