Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Op shopping at ADRA

ADRA day! Op shopping is one of our favourite activities and I can tell you that they have fierce op shops around Waitpinga, with ADRA being the fiercest of all (and Vizma being the fiercest op shopper I know). The picture above is the catch of the day, minus a toilet, that Eeedie went to pick up the day after.

All this shopping is great fun but utterly exhausting, so we couldn't wait to get back home, hop into comfy clothes, crack open a bottle of champagne, eat those leftover allspice chicken wings, piragi and quiche, and start with the show and tell.

The show and tell started with the newly acquired rubber life saver, life saver bought to save the Sweat's delicate bum from all the pain it has gone through. I'm not kidding, and I think it worked.

Flippers (I like to use that word when mild swearing is necessary) 

A very beautiful leather bag for Eeedie's school business. 

Instant classic :-))

I cannot remember why we took that picture of the poo nails (sorry not the poo nails, the gentle poo coloured nail polish) and the fishing line together. Because of the colours maybe?

There was more show and tell that evening but pizza was waiting for us fresh from the wood oven and it couldn't wait. Neither could we.


  1. I really think I should have been there too.

  2. Are you an op shopping addict too Pamela? :-)

    1. Oh yeah...but we call them thrift shops here.....and I like the chicken and pizza and champagne....

  3. How funny! Cool is the rule! I have no idea why you took the poo nails photo...and Eee doesn't remember buying the flippers, or where she put them! But I do remember laughing a lot!! ;-)

  4. Pamela you would fit in just perfect!
    Eee seems very happy with her flippers. I was really happy with my (not so real) Dr. Marten's, I mean what? 5$ and never used before and so super comfy, I wore them all spring.

  5. What? No frying pans in the Op sales? Did anyone ask yet what's a op sale?

  6. An op sale? An op sale is an aussie term for a sale where kangaroos run the show. You know, they op and op and op until you buy something.

  7. That's right, Marie, and when humans join in, it's called op hopping. Simple really!