Sunday, 8 December 2013

V.I.Peee at Seaworld

What is not to like about the arctic encounter? You get to live in an explorer's hut, meet all these huge white animals, and then in the end of the evening you receive fancy chocolate brains. If you are attending the SfN presidential reception, that is. Well, I can poke fun at all this but we actually had a very good time there.

It's more comfy than I thought it would be inside an an ice hole. One gets used to all kinds of things.

What's with the sad face, Peeee? It's just a polar bear. And he's fine!

And this?

This is meant for kids, Peeee. Put this back where it belongs, now!
(thank you for the photos, Francisco!)


  1. Scott's hut maybe? Did you put the polar bear hat back??

  2. Only with great reluctance, Carina :-))
    Ah yes, I was thinking about Scott too!

  3. Now if it'd been an octopus beanie, you would've bought a few, right?? Do they make it freezing cold at this place for the full experience?

  4. Full experience of coldness over here!! Yesterday it was -15°C :(
    For those who have skills in knitting, a homemade octopus beanie would be the perfect gift for xmas!?

  5. Of course, I wouldn't have put an octopus beanie back in the rack, be it for kids or not :-) Thank goodness it wasn't a full experience of coldness, you know how much I hate winter. They only had the 'sensation' of cold wind blowing, some sound effects of some kind. I see I'm not close to ever moving to Finland :-)

  6. -15??! That's colder than a bar fridge!! It's been really cold here too, for summer. I've had a woolly jumper on all day and it rained. What happened to this global warming thing they keep promising? I want it to start!!!