Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year (...of the horse)

A happy new year to all of you! To celebrate the year of the horse the Art Byte Critique group decided to have a Nengajo (Japanese new year cards) meeting in december, to exchange small works and cards. Unfortunately a lot of people could not make it to the meeting, what with the year end business, but we had a good time talking about art and each other's work.

This was a laser cut stencil with embossing powder by Lori Ono.

A Greek horse hand drawn and post-processed by Bill.

One of the famous memory eggs from Arthur Huang. This one was made especially for me, it is called Wakoshi Station to Riken (our work place) and represents the walking path, including stairs, turnstiles etc from start to end point.

Art exhibited his work a couple of months ago and I had the pleasure of seeing it live. The installation represented the whole month of september, with one lane being one day, one egg one walk, spaced in 'real time' along the thread.

This was my own contribution, a cyanotyped horse, and a book re-edition of my poem Legend printed on cyanotyped paper.


  1. Happy new year to you, too, Marie! Ah your cyanotype work/progress looks so good! Love Arthur Huang's road map too. A very intimate little world.
    Btw Marie, is the white string of yours, something an "old" Japanese fisherman would use in his net? My mother had a similiar string at home, and she always called it "fisherman's yarn". It was strong and good for many purposes.

  2. Not sure it is a good idea to speak about Marie's or in fact your mother's strings on this website. Some people, like Viz, might get the wrong idea.
    I loved the handbag, and I'm now looking for an egg big enough for a road trip. d

  3. oh no, help, and preserve us from strings! I remember what Viz received in her mail box. This became very awkward. Sorry Marie. Please read: thread :)))

  4. OMG yes, help and preserve us from strings (however strong and good for many purposes they are) :-))) thank you for the first good laugh of 2014 genki people. This all started with innocent heavy petting and look where we are now. I suggest you repeat the word string (out loud) as fast as possible at least twenty times in a row, several times a day, this exercise might help taking the meaning out of this traumatising word, you will feel an improvement within days. If it still doesn't work there is no way around it, you'll have to seek the help of wise Japanese men.

  5. Talking of which.. it's been months I've been begging to see that (in)famous string piece Vizma got in the mail (was it for Eeedie's man?), could anyone send me a link pretty pleaze? Arigatooo…..