Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Last Supper

Well it was actually the Last Breakfast but I thought The Last Supper would sound better as a title.
It's the P's last day at the farm and everybody is sad. Or just very sleepy?

This was the best breakfast ever, which cheered us up a bit. Toasted bread (in leftover five spice roast turkey wings fat? I can't remember), tomato, lettuce, cucumber, basil, (maybe garlic, did we?), homemade cheese, coffee.

But... I have another sad news. I thought this day would never dawn, but it did. I'm out of Aussie pictures!! Oh nooooo.... sad. What are we going to do now? I'll have to drag Marie's Suitcase around Japan for a while. Let's see. Anyway... these have been three great months of blogging, thank you for all the fantastic comments, you are all very very genki people, thank you.


  1. Marie, it will never be your last day in South Australia as long as there remain those of us whose world has been enlarged (not to mention illuminated) by the brilliant photographic record of your visits.

    So let's just leave it that you've left us very grateful... as well as perhaps a bit hungry!

  2. Thank you, Tom. This has been such good fun I never wanted it to end, and it is thanks to you and all the genki people who were so kind to visit those pages and leave absolute top notch fabulistic comments. The blog only exists thanks to its readers, and it is blessed with the best readers it could ever wish for. The one who should be grateful is me, my dear Gaston and Kiwi and.... I'm very glad you are hungry, they will be more too eat!

  3. Oh, I'm almost as sad as I was in that first picture!!! Not to worry, I'll occasionally add a Marie at the farm pic now and then over at P&P, as well as farm updates as required! Yum, I'm hungry too, for more of the fried home-made cheese! Alas, no longer possible, those selfish calves are getting all the milk these days... sigh.

  4. Naah, the world needs a break with clowny pictures of the Pea... those selfish calfs, didn't they learn to share? Tss tss..

  5. Many, many thanks for this wonderful journey, Marie and co! Faboulous home and photos, the little bohemian girl in me is so pleased. The journey will continue...

  6. Carina, please drop in any time! With the bohemian girl, of course!