Saturday, 18 May 2013

I am an Honorary South Australian Country Woman

This has already been blogged at P&P, but I am so proud of being a member of the Country Women of South Australia Association, the spoon definitely goes into Marie's Suitcase. Using it to eat brioche when I travel.


  1. This is an honour surpassing all others.

    Even from this vast distance it is evident that actions of the SACWA may well have a reverberating importance extending beyond all putative artificial geographical or cultural limitations and/or barriers.

    For instance the doings of the Floricultural Committee -- thinking here of the current exposition featuring a calla lily doing the twist and perhaps in need of a psychiatrist.

    In visions begin responsibilities, ladies of South Australia!

    Honoraries included!

    Sort that confused lily, please, before moving on to save the world! Or no, wait, perhaps a better rule -- simpler tasks to begin with, moving on up to the more difficult... no challenge too large, & c. Save the world first! Then sort the neurasthenic calla lily.

    (Fear not, you shall never walk alone in this grand endeavour. Before very much longer, Britannia willing, reinforcement will arrive from all those quarters of the globe upon which the sun never sets, and maybe even from a few upon which it does...)

  2. Hahahaha. The only reason why I didn't google SACWA when I got the honorary membership is because I was sure Tom was going to do it for us :-)) I was right and it was well worth waiting for this comment.
    Sort that confused lily :-)) I think this might be a south Australian attempt at ikebana. Or maybe a new type or floral art, flower bending. Oh dear does the spoon come with responsibilities? Oh no, I can't handle responsibilities. I just want to eat brioche.

  3. Oh dear, I've spotted my spelling error in your photo! Oopsy daisy, or perhaps lily.

    Don't worry about the responsibilities of being in SACWA, Pee, the whole Organisation has gone to the dogs, IMHO. Just recently, they added a new category in their cake baking competitions- packet mix!! Can you believe it? Totally SACWA-ligous if you ask me!

  4. Packet mix!? Wait, wait, I think I can win that one.