Friday, 31 May 2013


We are back at Tenno, the Town of Mirrors in the bay of Hiroshima. Fish is delicious in that area, needless to say, but this fishmonger is a bit, hmmm, I don't know. Untidy? It looks a bit like a dump, and it's not like we are in a particularly poor part of Japan, not at all. Just too much laisser-aller, IMHO.

It is Saturday evening and only a few prawns are left on melted ice. Plus one unidentified flat fish. Fair enough. I didn't want to get too close and be a paparazzi, the fishmonger lady was still in the "shop" and I'm a bit shy, so I could only take a few quick shots, l'air de rien.

I think the bottle on the right is an energy drink


  1. "I can really smell the fish!" says someone. Perhaps a cat.

    That top shot -- for a moment I thought our modest home had been captured on Google Street View.

    ("That's a lie!")

    Interesting about the energy drink thingies. I'd be afraid to stand too close to those.

    Should be noted that nos. 1 & 5 in the list of Japan's Top Five Energy Drinks contain the same ingredient, Taurine, which is the staple basis of cat food sold in this country.

    So I'm thinking, with all those fish -- unidentified maybe, but still -- and all that Taurine -- kitty heaven!!

  2. Thanks, you two. I'm sure this is very close to a kitty's idea of heaven, yes. That energy drink website doesn't mention the most ridiculous in the list of energy drinks, the one you drink before-going-out-to-drink, to prevent hangover. N'importe quoi. And there is the one for men and the one for women. The one for women is pink, of course. Oh dear.
    I know exactly what you mean. Your idea is to eliminate the middle man :-)
    I know that the human being and the fish can co-exist peacefully (George W.Bush)

  3. Tom, I thought almost the same thing, "hey, Marie still had a few more Waitpinga photos left!!"

    I'm with Wooden Boy on those rust washes, that's a stunning photo, Pee.

  4. Thanks Viz. At least this is by no means Waitpinga relocated to the Vatican (cf one of Tom's previous comments). So funny...

  5. Assurancetourix, le chanter se plaint de manière récurrente du manque de fraîcheur des poissons d'Ordralfabétix.

  6. Ne t'inquiete pas, Falbala a la situation en main. Tout poisson au parfum douteux ne sera utilise' que pour la soupe privee'.