Sunday, 12 May 2013

Eeedie's Man

When one fine morning at the breakfast table Eeedie declared "I need to go to Woolworths to buy underwear for my man" I thought huh? After one week at the farm is there someone I haven't made the acquaintance of?

Ah, Ok, THAT man. Yes, winter is starting down there, one or two panties might come in handy.
And this is probably Eeedie's man's special stool, crafted by her when she was at art school. Outch.


  1. One can never have enough clean underwear.

  2. Ha! What a funny anecdote...I didn't know about this one!
    I wonder how Eeedie can tell when he is cold. Maybe when the birds start returning to his nest headpiece?

  3. Viz, I think a small pat on the butt will suffice for E to tell :-)
    Tom, after going through the comment stream of your green blog I can't help thinking, is Morrissey actually quoting you when he sings 'now my heart is full'??

  4. OH Yes OH Yes, I just got the perfect thing for Eeedie's man. I'll send them to V as soon as I can. Now where did I put them? To be continued ...

  5. Oh dear. I do hope Anonymous won't be sending us his dirty travel underpants.

  6. Expect the worst. This is Anonymous we are talking about.