Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ruby Tequila

Tequila with ruby grapefruit is the girls' favourite drink. To be quite honest Henny lured me to the farm with the promise of ruby tequilas. I'm only half kidding and this is almost half true.

Ruby tequila is hard work, though. One needs to squeeze the juice out of those grapefruits. And then I suddenly understood why they needed me at the farm: to work!! To squeeze and squeeze and squeeze.
I think this is my favourite photo of the whole Australia batch. I look so exhausted :-)) Look at Eeedie's angry face, and the intensity of Henny's whip! She really means it!! 
Very funny.

Beautifully ruby. The reward at last.

There were several bottles of extremely different prices and I thought the girls should go through a blind test so that they can buy the best value in the future. Very thoughtful of me :-))

Experts. They got it almost right.

How to draw a bunny. Don't even think of asking what that was all about :-))


  1. Ha! Yeah, real experts smell two bottles with a nostril for each!!
    I like the almost half true comment!!

  2. Looks like a perfect evening, except for the squeezing part :)))

  3. Those girls ruined me Carina...

  4. Yeah, she was a push over!!
    Who's going to squeeze them for our birthday drinks on Sunday?? :-((
    It won't be any fun without you!

  5. Wish I could be there for the special birthday squeeze :-(((

  6. Stop, please stop, I'm Rolling on the floor. These are just great. what a trip.


  7. Keep rolling, keep rolling....