Thursday, 14 March 2013

Back to the farm

From the front seat of the car. They always made me sit there because I had to open and close the gate every time :-)) hard labor, unfair treatment etc...

Feeding Pete (Sampras).

Does she like me or is it time to run?

The treasures one finds scattered around the property!! What a laugh, Eeedie..
Many bones, many skulls, and skulls make perfect art. You have already seen Henny's double skull art further down the posts. Here is another one. There will be more...

... and one of the fifteen barbecues :-))

Skulls yes. And poooo. You wouldn't believe what artists can do with poo.

In the centre: a piece entirely made of sheep droppings! Eeedie got herself a spot in an art exhibition with this one. Brilliant!

Here is another one, a little bit smaller, made in a different way. The one that was in my room. On top of the boxes of wine bottles I secretly opened every night :-)) no not really...

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