Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bonsai on the Balcony and Man in Fog

I got such a sweet postcard in the mail the other day from David Stafford. Bonsai on Balcony refers to this particular balcony of course :-)) Spot on, David, it looks exactly like you imagined it.

The other side of the card is a story of Monkey Ladies and Kale Rooting Hormone. Kale rooting hormone which, as everyone knows, is an important component of radioactive pasta.
Oh yes, there was a day when I was a Sweet Pea. Then a Sweat Pee. And then just a P. I don't know how David knows all those things but this card got me all wiggy :-)) It must be time for my protein pills...


  1. Thank you Pamela. I'm too lucky for someone who doesn't send out anything!

  2. Spot on indeed. That checking message position... ha ha, and PEAS! Too funny :D

  3. Glad you liked it too, Caramelle ...