Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Akiko and Takao's garden

Akiko and Takao's garden is right by the sea, facing Hiroshima bay. You can see the oyster racks floating out there.

It's a beautiful garden. I got a bit excited wanting to take cuttings from the various trees to grow them back in Wakoshi when I remembered that I only have a 3m2 balcony, already packed with 25 bonsai and bonsai wannabes.

I did take some cuttings after all :-)) (Gingko, blueberry, rosemary, maple, firethorn, and a couple of unidentified species) and they seem to have survived the Shinkansen trip back home. So far…


  1. Oh, how lovely. I almost feel as if I've had a walk there......and what is that in the fifth photo down from the top -- newspapers? I'd like to look at those...

  2. SO beautiful. I wish I could see it. One never thinks of houses by the sea in Japan, always just cities filled with people - SUCH a generalisation I know, but I think a general one??? I hope you get to retire there some day, somewhere close by - it looks like Peace.

  3. Thank you girls! Glad you like it. It is a peaceful place indeed. Pamela, yes, those are newspapers, but not old enough :-) to think that they had a room full of old papers of all kinds but they threw everything out. That was before they knew me, obviously.
    Cheryl, why don't we all retire there? I've already told Carina that if our venture cleaning fishes in Bergen, Norway, fails, we should go and live there and just fish. And grow trees. Let's!

  4. What Cheryl said. What an unique place. (and the size of the garden... is big!) I can hear the gravel crunching under your shoes! Bergen in all its glory, but this...

  5. Appointment made. Something like 2035. Can't wait :-))

  6. I'll check my calendar!