Monday, 1 June 2015

Behind the Kameido Shrine

I completely forgot that I still had a few pictures from the Kameido area. The streets behind the shrine (the one with the Wisteria) are quite interesting for a quiet stroll. The typical local downtown, authentic and laid back. I also realised how rusty I got at street photography, and how much more self conscious I am when it comes to taking pictures of people or their shops/belongings. Getting old...

A rather scary guardian-of-the-groceries.

OK, someone went very creative with their veggies! I had to laugh. And what's that "decoration" in the middle? :-))

Take a nap. I thought that was called a beer?

A small restaurant kitchen open towards the street.

The whole street is a path leading to a small shrine (after all my posts about shrines you must be very good at spotting shrine gates by now - cf picture 1, 2). Green and peaceful, like an oasis in the city. The stage on the premises was packed with armours waiting to be used for a show the week after. I wish I had more pictures but… I don't :-((


  1. I feel almost like I had a little walk in Japan....and those veggies are a riot!

  2. That little restaurant has a very expressive lintel!

  3. Thank you Pamela, that's exactly what I wanted, glad you enjoyed the virtual walk.
    Lärs, I agree, it's rather classy isn't it. A bit like this one.