Monday, 30 March 2015

Mito Kairakuen - Part 3: Bento, tea and flowers

Time to sit down and have lunch with this bento box bought at the entrance of the garden. It's going to be Gyudon (beef bowl) today.

A few meters away, free beverage. I say beverage because I don't know exactly what it was. I've had it before and I almost spat it out because I expected tea but it was more like a salty sour seaweed broth. Not fab.

The free green tea stand. Ah, that's much better, thanks!

Those babies have just been watered, and yaay, we've found the bonsai shop!

So beautiful and very hard to resist. Bao Zhen and I both adopted one of those. Well, one of those at the bottom of the stand, younger and cheaper.

This is Broken on his first day back home. The plum tree's branches are so fragile, I had no idea and was careless, I admit.
Broken did produce very beautiful and fragrant blossoms, though, and he's doing well. One month later and he now has a few more friends to share the balcony with. You can follow their progress here.

Another tree shop.

See you in Part 4…


  1. Ok, I'd like to have a bento and sip some green tea with you and then walk around taking photos......

  2. Green tea is GREEN in Japan :-))! Here its a murky khaki colour... some beautiful images - love he last one. AND Broken has come to a really good home! X

  3. Thank you girls. At least we can have a walk in that virtual garden :-( Oh yes green tea is actually green, without any colouring agents. Every time I have green tea back in Europe I wonder what it actually is!

  4. Forget the bento and green tea, what a fab red jacket you have there.
    In France the green tea is black. But then maybe 30 minutes is too long to keep the tea bag in the cup.
    The instructions are in Chinese so that might be my problem.

  5. I'd say 30min is a trifle too long, yes :-)
    The jacket, oh yes, it's a fab. Belongs to Bao Zhen (I was the photographer), she'll be happy to know you said it's a fab :-)