Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mito Kairakuen - Part 2: Inside the garden and the bamboo grove

When we saw this couple's plum bonsai wrapped up in a plastic bag we thought it was so beautiful. We HAD to find the shop! More about this later on...

Do you remember the days when you took a picture of the square code with you mobile phone and it linked you to a website giving you all the information you need about that particular topic? Is that a Japanese thing? Not that I would know. My mobile phone is from stone age (possibly ice age), I don't think it even "does" pictures :-))

Some specimens had an incredible aura. This one looks like a woman in bikini lying on the beach with a hand behind her head. Her hair is a cascade of flowers. Quite an incredible tree.

And this one. I don't know how old it is but in its lifetime it bent to a ninety degree angle four times!! And it's still alive, there might be more to come!

Yuka touching the "lucky tree" as instructed.  Let's see if luck comes her way soon :-))

OK girls, let's have a walk in the bamboo grove!

No idea what the bamboo-boxes-in-the-bamboo-forest are for...

Bamboo trees and many cedars as well (wonderful place but hello allergies…).

To be continued…


  1. too beautiful :-) -and I watched the video of the bonsai village - any way you can sneak me a tree?? I have been growing wild basil plants for friends - I could swop ;-))XXX

  2. Hahaha, I've tried (very unsuccessfully) to grow basil, mint, thyme on the balcony, none of them made it. I don't know how I think I'm going to grow bonsais! :-)) You should come here and adopt a tree and take it back home!