Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jimbocho - the catch of the day

The first thing that ended up in my bag in Jimbocho wasn't a book but an old record. I didn't know 1910 Fruitgum Company at all, I just liked the label and the design. Very seventies.

I did get curious about it as I got home. There is really nothing you can't find on YouTube. This is the band and the song in question.

This is a book relating the adventures of some captain in Hokkaido. The cover and pages are perfectly aged. I'm going to use this one for an altered book, probably painting over some of the drawings even though they are quite nice.

My favourite comic store was gone but I found this interesting Tarzan comic, quite politically incorrect inside, but they could get away with that in the 50's. The other one is a magazine for housewives.

A bunch of loose book covers from that messy store. Love them. I wanted red instead of yellow but it wasn't the day for red, apparently.

Sheet music for the Tennessee Waltz by Redd Steward and Pee Wee King. Too many gems in that cover, a present from me to me.

A movie magazine (1960).

This is a long accordion book inside a bookcase which I'm also going to alter in some way, at some point. I love the closing system with the two hooks.

Well, that's it for this trip to Jimbocho. Very happy about my findings. Now I need to start making something with them. Like chopping them up :-)


  1. Oh.My.God. I am dying here. You better pack all that up and ship it to me immediately. gasp.

  2. :-))) thanks for Oh.My.God-ing the post, Pamela! I'll pack and ship something for you soon!

  3. Simple simon says, Put your hands on your hips, Let your back bone slip?
    Vizma: Don't try this at home. Only for professionals!

  4. Thanks for the stretching instructions, anonymous.

  5. I have no words! Very unique findings. Arrived just in the right hands!

  6. Thank you Carina! I wish they had let me buy that big bunch of old maps as well but they probably thought my hands were not right for them :-)

  7. phew - you said you got a haul - you most certainly did - soooooo exciting! I think I must go have a hunt around old book shops - BUT we don't have many and they keep rather expensive out of print books, limited editions etc - I don't think we ever had such mass publications - CERTAINLY no book town like this - those covers are amazing too - they were put to good use when making up books of your work for An E of E - AND the first Book of Ether.

  8. Oh, thank you for popping into booktown Cheryl! It's a funny place, full and packed with elder guys, which apparently is the market. I also wish they had more things at decent/cheap price. All the very beautiful editions are too good and too pricey to chop up. But yes, I'm very lucky to have such a place in town, for sure! (I know you made great use of the covers!)

  9. "Simon Says" was a #2 in the UK in '68.

  10. OK! That helmet probably did it!!