Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The new Tokyo Metro poster

You might know the long standing and now classic Please Do It At Home series, but Tokyo Metro has taken a new turn….

- Sheep: Would you mind awfully if I gave up my seat for you, Mr. Goat? I just made a special fart/poo/pee.
- Goat: By Jove! How excessively kind of you, Mr. Sheep. I most certain won't!

* Edit:

I found this one today. The Tokyo Metro is also full of cats, horses, and oh so evil bat-music :-))


  1. Never trust a sheep? Lol, those posters are great. Please do it later, sounds convincing :)

  2. :-))) Yea, what's wrong with emptying your shopping bag to your girlfriend? Tsss… And I love their image of America. They seem to have a load of fun over there in America :-))

  3. Are there really goats, rams and monkeys riding the metro in Tokyo? Baa baaa

  4. Apparently there are! They have their own car. Even the Priority Seat label have been tailor made for them!! Check out the poster (that made me laugh too).