Sunday, 12 October 2014

An old box

It's not a secret for anyone anymore that I LOVE old boxes. When I saw that one at Kinseitou (The Lantern on Venus) I could hardly contain my excitement. Gorgeous all over, and 500¥ only! (5$). Straight into the Suitcase!

(don't ask me what Woody Harrelson is doing there)

Kinseitou is better known to us as "space cat shop", because this is where Viz and I found that very unique space cat character and we immediately liked him.

Check out their online store!


  1. Wow wow wow! Bargain box! How beautiful! And I spy a few more postcards that I neeeeed!

  2. I'm taking notes for your X-mas package :-)

  3. Yes, magical box and great choice of stamps! The Little Rocket Cat...!

  4. Ok, I really, really need that old box too. So beautiful. And5$? No fair torturing an Aries!

  5. These photos are gorgeous on a big screen! I'd only seen them on my mob. Now I can see the koi!!

    A Xmas package!?? You can send me that box! (I can give you an extensive list if you run out of ideas! Ha ha!) ;-) Nah, I'd be happy with those last 2 postcards! If only they would design washi tape, huh?

  6. Oh girls, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but they had only one box :-(( Of course I could saw it in half and send each of you a piece, but, you know, it's just not the same anymore :-))
    Viz, they had washi tape at the shop, I checked it out extensively but it was nothing that we had not seen elsewhere before. I agree, they should made space-cat washi tape!!