Thursday, 21 August 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion Thursday (3) - The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014

Good news! The Bookworm's Lunch and a few members of the Art Byte Critique group will participate in the 2014 Tokyo Art Book Fair organised by Zine's Mate, September 19-21. Yaay!
I would like to say come and see us, but I know that crossing oceans isn't exactly like hopping on a downtown bus. Or the streetcar named Desire :-)) In any case, I'm looking forward to the event and it will be thoroughly documented for the Suitcase.


  1. Three Questions.
    I. Should we fly into Haneda or Norita?
    II. Will the BookWormsLunch-Shuttle take us direct to Gaein Campus or The Alsace B&B in Wakō-shi?
    III. What is the status of vending machines at the venue?

  2. Hello Albert. Thank you for your interest.
    I. Haneda and Narita are both fine, just consider that it takes one day to reach the city after landing, so do plan accordingly.
    II. Unfortunately the Bookworm's Lunch's poor financial status makes it impossible for us to provide shuttle service to and from the airport or harbour. The Alsace B&B being temporarily closed for cockroach extermination matters, we strongly advise you to book a Love Hotel. Affordable and convenient.
    III. Vending machines of course will blow your mind.
    IV. The Bookwormslunch provides complimentary cup noodles.

  3. V. Don't forget your swimsuit.

  4. Oh boy, that was… something! Yes you'll be extremely popular here. Mort de rire! :-))
    Love that bier ad! Have you seen this one for the same bier?. Quite unusual. I know Alsace has a lot of cute blond girls, but I have never seen any cowboys there.

  5. I reckon you're joshing; Marie you ARE an Alsatian Cowboy!

  6. :-))) Where do you FIND those things? Made me smile. A lot. How sweet…
    Off to feed the chicken...