Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Koenji (Tokyo)

I have been strolling around in Koenji the other day in search of second-hand shops. The shops were alright but I liked the neighbourhood more for his charming scruffy side. Koenji was the birthplace of the punk movement in Japan, though exploring the streets now I barely see any leftovers of punk material. There is a red neck / blue collar taste to it, which to me is much more interesting and authentic than the polished shopping malls of the posh Tokyo Midtown.

Am I getting this right? Charmy ladies for free?

A saké bar with menu.

The fish market.

Sapporo beer outdoor bar (and shopping trolley out of don't know where).

A used book store.


  1. Your filter on this photographs, and even the content could push them back into the 60's - very interesting.

  2. From my perspective Tokyo must be an eldorado for an artist... So jealous! Love your "stack" findings, Marie.


  3. Thank you girls! Glad you like it. Some areas of Tokyo could indeed be well stuck in the 60's, with or without filter. Those are always my favourite ones. I need to find more of them!

  4. Reminds me of Rio de Janeiro. Are there many people that live on the streets there?

  5. Not many people on the streets, no. Surprisingly few for a metropole as big as Tokyo. Way less than any other big city in a developed country I have been to.