Monday, 25 August 2014

Kojimachi Interstices and Tokyo Memory Walks - Arthur Huang's solo exhibition

Art is my colleague in the lab so I am familiar with his work, but I had no seen his latest achievement yet, Kojimachi Interstices. For this solo show he printed huge B1 size panels of layered photographies. All the pictures were taken in the neighbourhood of Kojimachi (Tokyo). Each panel represents the layered interstices between the buildings in the alleys of one given block of houses (follow me?). And since he's a compulsive archivist, you can be sure that no alley of Kojimachi is missing.

Layering interstices gives rather interesting results. 

Along with Kojimachi Interstices Art also exhibited his Tokyo Memory Walks, which I had already seen last autumn. 
During one month (September I think?) he documented his daily walks by drawing them on eggs every evening. One egg is one walk. One string is one day, containing all the walks of the day (time scale and distances are kept proportional to give an accurate projection of what the day really consisted of).

Symbols used to draw memory walks. Door, elevator, escalator etc….

During the last two days of the show Art organised an interactive performance, in which you could describe a walk you remember doing, and he would draw it for you.

You won't believe how difficult it is to remember the details of a short walk you have done just a week ago! A very interesting exercise, and a true piece of art. Thank you for the fun!


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