Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mail art goodies

My mail art activities have now come to a complete standstill but I amazingly still receive the best goodies from my favourite people. I wanted to show you a few of them and to thank you for keeping in touch even when I'm not sending anything out! All of this made me smile and laugh and giggle, you are very talented artists and I'm the usual lucky cookie. I sure am.

A wonderful amended Hokusai from David Stafford, this is what happens before Marie's head explodes, LOL!! (he even got the colours of my jacket and scarf right. Amazing).

Artist Insane Dean needs some fresh air but it seems he doesn't mind the smell of goat cheese. Alright then, chèvre it is. But not just any chèvre. Chèvre-la-Pointe or nothing! On est gourmet...

"So how was your day?" is SO not a rhetorical question, I found out by reading Cheryl's free verse poem. A fantastic read, as is all of Chery'l work, needless to say.

Carina sent such an elegant diptych, I love the composition, colours and textures. And below, a stunning visual poem (sorry for the prominent folds, my scanner is on strike and has been replaced by a camera). Simply beautiful, Carina.

Patti and Dave's latest effort arrived just on time for Christmas, thanks you two! You look so peachy. Aren't we all getting warmer and warmer....

This one is from a few months ago and cost me to lose my favourite barcode art piece (the barcode sink) after a disastrous Facebook bid. Well, I didn't exactly lose it, I got 1Euro for it and it's now somewhere safe in a Finnish forest close to a Finnish lake where it is protected from mosquitoes. So there.

Rebecca Guyver sends a beautiful stitched and painted card and a collaborative boekie. So much visual poetry!

This one is from RCBz. I like it so much I'm thinking of asking him to design the logo for Bijou Caillou who's in desperate need of one.

And more from David (I told you I was spoiled). I love the Authentic Lone envelope, and the dinette, yea, tell me about it, it's all the rage in Japan now and my in-laws insist I should get one. No way.

I said no to the dinette but I quite fancy the small bull calibrator. My birthday is May 16 :-))

Et la cerise sur le gâteau, barcodes now have their own airline!! Barcode Air! OMG. Now that's a cool logo there! :-)) Are they flying to Tokyo? Say they do! I sure have the barcode illness but I'm flying first class so who cares. I'm sure they serve Chèvre crackers.
Arigatoo my friends! And happy new year to all of you!


  1. Ha ha, great pieces and happy new year to you too, Marie!! A bull calibrator!? I only knew about color calibration. The "barcode sink" was a bargain, now I just have to wait for the prize to go up. :D

  2. The bull calibrator :-))) if you see it you WANT it!
    I know the sink is in good hands Carina, I wouldn't have sold it to anyone else!! :-)) Happy new year to you Carette, let's make 2016 a good one.

  3. Great Blog and it really has me smiling. Except of course for the part where you really did sell my Barcode Drain (sink if you wish). I thought it was a joke. Anyway, I still won't believe you two until I see a photo of it next to a reindeer.
    Vive la Chèvre!

  4. It's a sink and I stand by it!! LOL :-)) Drain, drain! Carina, you know what's next... I want to see that!!