Monday, 2 November 2015

The Maxwell Street Market

The good thing with jet lag is it gets you out there at sunrise and you almost have the city for yourself. I like that. And I like early-weekend-morning-empty-metro-taking-you-to-the-suburbs. 

You won't find anything fancy at the Maxwell Street Market but you'll get a certain sense of oh OK this is where "real" people live and buy their socks, batteries, mattresses, shampoo, Bears merchandise etc..

Sellers and buyers are for a large part latin american and black, which means…. great street food! I HAD to have a quesadilla or two for lunch, followed by a raspberry churro. That was around 9.30am

On my way back I found an odd couple of shrines somewhere in the back alleys. Some kind of black magic? I don't know. Or maybe just a tribute to the god of pineapples :-)) (the book says "Religion for Dummies").

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