Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Bean

The Bean (actual name Cloud Gate) was one of the first things I saw in Chicago. It is the highlight of the Millennium Park, and rightly so. The way it was designed to reflect the beautiful skyscrapers around is rather ingenuous. And fun.
(Sorry about the quality of the photos, those are snapshots taken with iPad, as all the Chicago series is going to be).

The two giant gargoyles of the Crown Fountain just beside are another beautiful piece of architecture and art. The towers project videos of human faces spitting out water but I was too impatient to wait for the next round, sowwy :-)) It was impressive, though.

And a few steps further only, Looking Into My Dream, Avilda, is facing the buzzing Madison Street with incredible serenity. 

The majestic Bean by night (photo by my friend Ming-Ching).


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  2. The Bean really looks like a sleepy spaceship among those tall buildings... Great start on your trip!

  3. A spaceship!! Yes exactly! I didn't think about that but now that you mention… I love that idea. There is no obvious door, only those who "look" can ever board.