Monday, 5 January 2015

Geispitzen [Chëvre-la-Pointe]

For Cheryl :-))
Me and my brother walking in the first snow of the year on our way to the supermarket (yes, there IS a supermarket somewhere around the corner) :-))


  1. Oh dear, would that be your little brother? You both seems so small.
    Sadly my self timer only goes to 10 seconds. or you can run pretty fast !
    Sunshine in Lanzarote !

  2. Oh hello anonymous. Yes, he's the tall slender one on the left and I'm the small fat one on the right. Lanzarote lucky you!!! Enjoy les doigts de pied en eventail. Oh by the way I got MORE mail art from you! You're on a roll!

  3. There's a corner here?? It looks AB-FAB - SOOOOOOO different from here - think we should both start putting images of our surroundings on this blog?? Country for country?? XX

  4. Hahaha, you girls are funny. Yes there is a (kind of) corner somewhere around the corner, and there used to be an Aldi (!!!). But it's gone. Now it's Huper U.
    If you people send me a picture of your corner (please do!!) I will post them for Shameless Self Promotion Thursday!! (anonymous we would love to see a Lanzarote corner too).