Friday, 5 September 2014

Tino Rossi

There will be a Mailbox post soon, but I wanted to share those on the Suitcase anyway because they are so beautiful. They are part of a fantastic package I received this week from David Stafford. All original book covers for Tino Rossi song scores and lyrics (I don't really know how to call them in English, in French it's "partitions") .
I'm strolling down the memory lane again because (and David knows that) my grandma and grandad used to listen to Tino Rossi and were singing along. I particularly remember "Petit Papa Noel" :-))
This was a very nice present from David, very thoughtful of him and very touching.

… and a little gem for you:


  1. Sheet music ... be careful with the pronunciation.

  2. Yea I can see how that might come out wrong. Especially with French-Alsacian accent.

  3. "Petit Papa Noel"!!! now I weep.

  4. Yes he was our Bob Dylan :-)
    I suspect you are weeping and laughing at the same time. In which case mission accomplished.