Monday, 6 January 2014

Notebook Frenzy

I don't know what it is about notebooks. I can't stop making them. Nor can I stop buying them, now that I know how to make them! Crazy talk… Those were for friends and family, but I have several more back home waiting to be filled (Viz, yours is in my bag too!). Filled with great notes about great ideas about great… I don't know what, but I could spend my days just doing that. If only it payed the rent :-))

.. this one is miserably unfinished but shamelessly given to someone anyway. Just how big does the bl.. hole need to be for the needle to pass three times without breaking??
Anyway.. it's all great fun!

. . . . . .

I knew I had pictures of it somewhere (Viz's notebook) (chosen pages):


  1. I've been making a collection of my rubber stamps in the one you sent me! I may need another one soon!! Ha ha!

  2. Ahh, handmade notebooks! Same category as bags. You can never have too many!

  3. Sometimes I'm glad people seem to have the same obsessions :-)) It's reassuring...

  4. wow, updated blog! Yours look so CLEAN next to my grungy one!!

    Ah yes, obsessions....let's not go there!!!

  5. Argg who puts a "sign out" click right on bottom of a comment? Stupid Blogger people.
    Anyway.. I was saying.. yes for once I tried to make everything straight and clean! :-)) But you know how much I love grungy!
    (and now Marie try not to click on sign out)

  6. Ha haaa! Hands up who hates technology and stupid blogger people, and hardware and software!! ME!

    I'm doing grunge right now...what was the word you once used....undershampooed? Non-shampooed?
    Eh, I'll wash it tomorrow.

  7. …and hardware and software :-))) I so hands up on that!! undershampoo is good!