Monday, 20 April 2015

Mito Kairakuen - Part 4: Queues

It's been more than a month since plum blossom, so let's wrap up Mito Kairakuen. Since this is Japan the garden comes with its shrine (you can see one of the tree shops in the background) and of course the shrine comes with its queue :-)

Just beside the shrine, more food stands. Mito is famous for nattō, which there was plenty of.
(More natto images, just for fun…)

One of the rare queues that wasn't about food. Waiting to get the chance to get your photo taken with the characters of Mito Kōmon, the longest standing Japanese TV drama in history.

While standing in line you can listen to the soundtrack of the series (yes it's coming out of that plastic "machine" inside that plastic bag) :-)) So much for Japanese high tech.

Of course we did it :-))