Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The 70's in Japan - Posters by Aquirax Uno

I wanted to show you more about the Japan in the 70's exhibition at Hiroshima MOCA, but there were so many things to show and I didn't know where to continue and where to go with it. So I will only put up a few posters by Aquirax Uno that were on display at the exhibition. I find them gorgeous. His style is.. how to say... sexy? You might want to put the kids to sleep before digging into the Underground of the 70's.

Fubuki Koshiji Recital, 1960

Ondine, 1963

Max Factor, 1965

Studio Re, 1965

Ultra Lucent Skin Care, 1967,  Max Factor

Egyptian Look, 1966, Max Factor

Theatre: Ningyo-no-le 1st performance "Mermaid", 1967

Mini Books, 1967, Yamanashi Silkcenter

Theatre Ningenza 22nd performance, 1967

A Laboratory of Play Tenjo Sajiki 5th performance "One Thousand One Night in Shinjuku", 1968

Bazazz 1968, Max Factor

First Love Inferno : Special version, 1968

A Laboratory of Play Tenjo-Sajiki performance "Le Petit Prince", 1968

Chanson, 1968,  Studio Edition

Sailor 12 Gold Fountain pen, 1968,  Sailor

Ciel Delit, 1968, Shimojima

Sailor 12 Gold Fountain pen, 1969,  Sailor

Nissan Puck in Music, 1969, TBS Radio

My Minitopia My Minica '70, 1970,  Mitsubishi

A Laboratory of Play Tenjo-Sajiki performance "La Marie Vison" in Paris, 1971

My favourite one, or a shaving session gone awry :-))

La Marie Vison - a transvestite play

A sad 40 year old transvestite named Marie
who asks the mirror
Mirror, my mirror, tell me who is
the most beautiful woman in the world
It's an ultra-circumstancial theatre in the dark
Too many sexual descriptions!
The story is wrong!
Everything that happens is wrong!
The truth is what will happen tomorrow!

Ah, the 70's... actually I realise just now that most of those are from the 60's!


  1. Were I an alien tasked with developing a profile of earthlings from the information supplied by this commercial artist, I would conclude that:

    (1) they seek to conceal their identities beneath exotic-sounding names taken from other earthling tribes as remote as possible from their own (e.g. Akira / Aquirax);

    (2) no one ever feeds them;

    (3) they have strangely elongated bodies lacking arms and with the apparent location of reproductive organs concealed beneath a variety of curious devices (bows and ribbons, roses, stars, weird fungal growths, gills, phallic-nosed monsters, rudely intrusive snails -- !! -- etc.);

    (4) their form of religion is the worship of this goddess, who (though they don't yet know this, and one hopes they never do find out, for their beliefs would be severely challenged) dwelt among them for so long that finally someone took pity and fed her, turning her into an actual biological organism at last.

  2. :-)) This made me laugh for hours, Tom. What a perceptive alien you are...